About us


Since its foundation in 1979, Mouvement Action-Découverte has been a non-profit community organization dedicated to helping people with an intellectual disability (ID) with/without associated disorder in the Châteauguay area.

Our mission

The mission of Mouvement Action-Découverte is to:

  • Increase the individual and collective autonomy of people of all ages with an intellectual disability;
  • Promote their social integration;
  • Break through their social isolation;
  • Encourage them to develop to their full potential and ensure that their rights are respected, in order to improve their living conditions;
  • Contribute to increasing the participation of people with an intellectual disability in recreational, athletic, tourism and cultural activities, in conditions equivalent to those of other participants;
  • Receive donations, bequests and other similar contributions, in the form of cash, securities or real estate; administer these donations, bequests and contributions; organize fundraising campaigns.